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KC Zoo Run

As you know, I’ve been training for a race. Training makes it sound like weeks or months have gone by and I’m running a marathon or something. It wasn’t a marathon and I only “trained” for 5 days. But still running in a race is not something I do on a weekly basis and when you make a plan on how to prepare yourself for when you do, well that’s training.

In this instance my training paid off! I set a goal to finish this 4-mile race in less than 55 minutes and that is exactly what I did. Woohoo!

The race was the KC Zoo Run. I’ve ran this race twice before. The first time was several years ago and was also a successful race for me. The second time was not so much. I had feared that my last minute attempt at training would not be enough for to accomplish my goal. But I was wrong.


The first mile was mostly down hill. This helped tremendously. It’s hard to stop and rest when you’re going down hill. Why not use the momentum to keep going? You can rest when you get to the bottom.

The second mile was the easiest mile for me. Yes, in a way, even easier than the 1st mile. I started counting. Well technically I started counting toward the end of the first mile. At the gym, I run .25 – .3 miles then I walk .1 mile. I keep this pace pretty much the entire time. When I’m running outside though, I don’t have a screen in front of me telling me how far I’ve gone. This morning I decided, during the race, that I would count for a period of time in place of having the screen. I decided I would count to 200 when running, count to 60 when walking and repeat as many times as necessary until I crossed the finish line.

This sort of worked.

The first time I counted for the running part, I hit another down hill portion (the portion heading across the bridge in to Africa) and wasn’t about to stop running when going down hill just because I hit 200. So I added on another 100. Then another 50. I really pushed myself. I continued this pattern throughout Africa until I encountered the hill leaving. This I walked. But I tried my best to power walk.

This was also the third mile. Unfortunately, there was a lot of up hill during the 3rd mile. Therefore, there was a lot of walking. I’m not going to lie, I usually always walk when there is a hill. I do. I tried to tell myself that walking, up hill was going to hurt my time. But the motivation was not strong enough. I walked as fast as I could but I walked.

Once I got to the 4th mile, you were in the section of the race where it’s tight quarters. The trails aren’t very wide and it gets congested. It’s hard to run when others are walking and you can’t get around them. As I was getting closer to the end of the race, I heard someone say there was only half a mile left. I thought to myself I could run the rest of the way. And I could have. But I didn’t.

I was starting to get tired. I didn’t have the drive in me to push myself. I walked twice (or was it three times?) in that last half mile. Nonetheless, I did cross the finish line and I did make my goal. My official time was 52:50! My pace was 13:13 per mile. One of these days I’ll increase my time so that it is less than 13 minutes. For now, I’m glad that I’ve increased it to close to 13. I used to run closer to 14 minutes. True.


All of my hard work this last week has paid off. My next race isn’t until the end of October. I don’t want to lose all that I’ve worked hard for though. I think I might continue running at the gym. Maybe stick to 3 miles, since the remaining races this year are all 5K’s, and work on increasing my time. Yes, that’s my plan.

Some pictures from the race and our visit with the penguins after.



WW Week 21 Recap

This week has been a great week! Yes it has! Last week I set myself up with 3 mini goals working toward the main goal of reaching Lifetime by the end of November. I am well on my way. I weighed in today with a weight loss of 3.8 lbs. Woohoo! I think that is the largest weight loss I have had in a week’s time. It far makes up for the last few weeks which have all been on the lower end. I was ecstatic when I saw the print out. =)

Part 1 of Goal #1 was to lose 4.6 lbs by the end of September, Sept 30th to be exact. As of today I am .8 lbs from reaching that goal. It is very much doable and I am going to do whatever I can to pass this amount by as much as I can.

One of the things I was concerned about with Fall was attending Fall festivals and events. Often at these social gatherings there is food. I love food. Many of us do. Hence why we may get in to the situation where we need to lose weight to begin with. But we can’t just avoid going to events because of the food. Life would be so depressing if we did that. We need to learn how to manage our food intake so that we don’t feel deprived and are still able to be satisfied.

The particular event I am discussing wasn’t one where I actually think of food as the main part of the day though many events are surrounded around a food or the intent of eating. Yesterday’s even was a Chick Event for shopping. But there were food trucks and these pumpkin donuts that my sister and I both found to be quite tempting. Our solution was to share. We each got a pumpkin donut, we shared a chicken gyro and shared an apple cider slushy. I think her favorite was the gyro whereas mine was the donut and the slushy. I love apple cider!

I tracked all of it. Of course, I had to make a best guess since I was not cooking the food myself. But I still tracked it. I ate 3 eggs at breakfast knowing that I would want to eat a higher point lunch and had a salad for dinner. I only went over my daily by 3 points, 3 points! Not bad if I say so myself. I was able to indulge but not go crazy. I enjoyed being with family and didn’t feel left out of anything. And I still lost 3.8 lbs this week!

I really do believe that tracking is one of the most important features to losing weight with Weight Watchers. But it doesn’t have to be just with Weight Watchers. Yes, with WW we track points. But the same is true if you are counting calories or even keeping a food journal. Tracking helps! It helps to keep you accountable. It helps you make smarter, more informed decisions. It helps!

This week’s focal point at our meetings was “Make Your Meetings Matter”. I go to every week’s meeting and haven’t missed a single one since starting the WW program. I do think that they are very important. In fact, one of the main reasons I decided to join WW’s was because of their meetings. As I have said several times before, I have lost weight multiple times throughout my adult life. Large amounts, 30-40 lbs, each time. However, I am unable to keep the weight off. This is where I am hoping that WW will help me the most. I think the meetings will prove to be their most useful when you think you can handle it all on your own. That is the hard part. And when you find that you can’t, should you find that you can’t, the meetings are there to help you get back on track.

One of the ladies in today’s meeting said that “as long as you’re going to the meetings you aren’t failing”. I disagree with this statement. You can attend a meeting every single week and still gain weight. As helpful as the meetings are, it’s tracking your food, making smart decisions and putting in the effort that keeps you from failing. Going to a meeting doesn’t do that. It’s like saying as long as you go to class every day, you will pass the class. We all know that is not true. Studying and practice is what helps you pass the class. Simply showing up does not do the trick.

I will continue doing both, going to meetings and tracking everything I eat. Each person has their own way of reaching their end goal. For me, both attending the meetings and tracking what I eat works. I am 13 lbs away from goal. 13 lbs! Yay!

Motivation Day 6

3 more days.

3 days until the Run Like A Girl Race this Sunday morning.

My hope was to work out all of the 8 days prior to the race. This did not happen unfortunately because I did not make it to the gym last night. Yep. My last minute attempt at motivating myself last night did not work.

I will go today though. That is guaranteed. Ok, it’s not. But I’m very confident that I will make it there tonight.

7 out of 8 days is quite good I feel.

It's a work in progress. You just keep going. Don't quit. Even on your toughest days. Even when you feel tired. Even when you didn't give it your all. Giving it something is getting you to your goal. One step at a time.


So in Weight Watchers they use the acronym NSV a lot. I’ll be honest, it took me quite a while before I finally figured out what it meant. NSV is short for Non-Scale Victory. Duh!

I don’t often think about them. At least not as much as I probably should. I focus on the number a little too much if you know what I mean. But when you lose weight there are a lot of non-scale victories that go along with it. I have so much more energy. I feel better both because of my health and because I’m not depressed when I look in the mirror. I’m able to fit in to smaller clothes!

That is what today’s NSV is all about. My closet ranges from a size 3-4 to size 12. Well the size 3-4 might not be in there anymore. A little over a year ago I cleaned some of my clothes out and thinking I would never be that small again I think I threw those out…umm…I mean donated. No really. I do think that I donated them. Anywho, I still have all of the other sizes. Except for 10’s. Apparently when I gained weight I totally skipped the 10’s. So now that I’ve been losing weight my size 12’s are super baggy and I refuse to buy 10’s because I am so close to being able to wear a size 8.

Guess what?

I don’t have to wait anymore. I fit in to a size 8 this morning! Woohoo!


You don’t even know how good this has felt. A size 8!


I was all smiles. Yes I was! =)


Who is that skinny girl??


I had been trying them on every once in a while for a little over a month now. But they just weren’t fitting right. Then yesterday I was talking to a co-worker about how I’m surprised that I can’t fit in to them since I have lost so much weight. I feel that the last time I was the same weight I was able to wear them. We were trying to think of the various reasons why maybe I couldn’t. Later that night I got to thinking and I realized that it has been a couple weeks since I had tried a pair on. So this morning I thought I would give it a go. They zipped up, my fat wasn’t flowing over the sides and I felt comfortable.

Such a great moment!

The best NSV so far!!

Now I will wear these 8’s until I get to my final goal. I can not wait to see my 8’s get baggy!

Motivation Day 2

I loved seeing my blog show up in my email! It was quite interesting to see how others see my blog posts when they subscribe to follow me via email.

The motivation worked too because I made it to the gym today and had a really good work out. I need to add to my distance as a whole but I’m running more and more. Meaning I am running more than I am walking. This helps my time too. Woohoo!

Today’s motivation:

Image result for motivation for working out

Today is weight day. This also means that it will be a long day. I always do a 5-10 minute cardio warm up before hitting the weights. Weights takes 30 minutes. After I will run at least a mile but really I should try for 2 miles.

Told ya it will be a long day. But I will feel so good after. So good! So no excuses today. Gotta get in there and give it my all. I’ll make Monday a lighter day. 😉