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I bought a house!!!

I have great news! Great Great News!! I bought a house!!!!

Well I’m in the process of buying a house. My first one. It’s been a very long process. I started saving over 2 years ago, I started looking, casually, about a year ago and more seriously the beginning of the year.

There were so many houses. Some that were obvious no go’s. Some that were real contenders but someone got to them first. Oh this happened a lot. For those of you who might not know there were a few months over the winter and spring where people were going over the asking price (by a lot!), paying their own closing costs and some even took the house AS IS just to win the bid. I did not want to do this. Although I’m not going to lie, I did put an offer on a house where there were at least 2 other bids. I went over asking and only asked for partial closing.

I didn’t get the house. I was hoping my going over as much as I did would offset me asking for the partial closing costs. I guess I’ll never know. It doesn’t really matter now anyway. It was in the perfect location though. However, there is no comparison between that house and my house. I love saying that…my house. =)

Part of what took so long for me to find the right one was because of the housing market. Houses were going so fast. Some were selling in hours. Hours! But part was due to my budget. I’m not going to list my budget on here, understandably so, let’s just say it’s not in the millions. Not even close. Trying to get everything you want in a house on a non-million dollar budget isn’t easy.

I also couldn’t decide, not fully at least, on a location. I would focus in one area then switch to another. At one point I could see myself living in 3 completely different areas of town. People told me not to focus on the location. Yes, location is important. But when I find the right house, the location will be right for me too. I’m not sure I agree with this 100%. There were a few houses that I liked quite a bit but the location just didn’t work for me.

Busy streets. I had a thing about busy streets. I just didn’t want to be on or even near one. I worried that my cat would get out of the house and run in to the street. I feared that my nephew would chase after a ball and a car would be coming by. I’m not normally a worrier but man do I around busy streets.

This house, my house, isn’t exactly where I wanted to be but I do like the neighborhood. It’s close to both my Mom and one of my brother’s. My stepdad’s cousin even lives a few streets away. It’s not as far south as I had hoped to be but it’s not too far north either. The house itself makes up for the location. It has just about everything I was looking for. I can move in and not have to worry about fixing anything. Sure there are a few projects I already want to do but they are wants, not needs, and they don’t have to be done right away. Yay!

I looked at the house twice. Once with my agent, who is also my sister. And again the next day with my Mom and stepdad. Everyone liked it. My sister even said, “You’re going to leave me aren’t you?”. Currently we live less than a mile from each other. The new house is also about 25-ish minutes away from where I am now. It took me a little while to get the nerve to say yes to the house. Get it? Say yes to the dress. Say yes to the house. No? Ok, well I’m sure some of you will. hehe It’s a big step. Did I mention this is my first house??

I’m so afraid of making mistakes and this would be a huge one. I had to think about it. Could I really see myself living in this house? Does it have what I’m looking for? Am I ok with the location? Is it too big? And the big one, can I afford it? I’m also one to reach out to friends and family for advice. I do it all the time. This was no exception. I must have reached out to 10-15 people. Everyone liked it, even loved it!

There was one thing that I kept thinking of. This might seem silly and no, it’s not the reason why I chose to put an offer on this house. But it was on mind as I was making my decision. At the base of one of the deck posts was a rose bush. On this rose bush there was a single rose growing. My Grandma loved roses and had rose bushes of her own. Seeing this rose made me think of her. I feel as if she was trying to tell me that this was the one. My search was over. I had finally found the house I was going to buy.


Man, I’m getting teary eyed writing this. I wish that she was able to see the house that I have chose. To help me decorate, watch TV together, make apple butter together, play rummy on the deck, etc… I could go on and on. I miss her so much and wish that she was enjoying this with me. I know that she would be so happy. She is with me though in my memories and so many other things. I have a few pieces of furniture from her house that will now go in my house. Her pictures will be spread throughout. I will make apple butter, banana nut bread and even pecan tassies (my favorite of hers!) in her memory. Sitting on the back deck, more so on the lower deck area, will bring back memories of my Grandpa. So much of this house, mainly the back yard, made me think of their house. They were both on my mind so much this last weekend.

I feel I have somewhat gotten off topic. Sorry!

Bring it back Bettina…so I put an offer on the house and it was accepted! Yay! Technically the seller countered and I accepted their offer. But still yay!

That’s where I am at the moment. It’s still very early in the process. My inspection is in a couple days. Fingers crossed everything goes well. Nothing to do but wait until then. Stay tuned. I’ll try to post throughout the process and of course through the first few months of being a new homeowner. =)


3 Actual Pink Chairs

So I’ve been looking at houses for several months now. There’s been a few that have tempted me but so far only one that I’ve actually put an offer on. Unfotunately my offer was not accepted. The search continues!

Yesterday I looked at another tempting one. You should have seen the kitchen in this house. Magazine worthy.

I mean, wow!

I am telling you about this house because in the basement there were 3 actual pink chairs. 



I actually walked right past them at first.

My sister, who is also my realtor, is the one who pointed them out. She was like, “Isn’t that your blog?” 

That’s right, she might not read my blog but she knows the name. Lol

Although I decided to pass on the house I do wish I could have purchased the chairs. Hehe