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Raspberry SherbeRt Punch

I once attended a baby shower for a friend. It was her first baby, every one was excited, we played games, ate food and of course there was lots of presents. What I remember the most was the punch. It was delicious and pretty and DELICIOUS!

That was roughly 8 years ago and I’ve wanted to make something like it for years. I never felt there was an occasion appropriate for it.

Until now.

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No Peek Chicken and Rice

As I was scrolling through Pinterest, looking for an easy meal to fix for game night with friends, I came across this recipe. It’s not something I would normally prepare. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of cream of anything soups. I do love me some green bean casserole and will use cream of mushroom every Thanksgiving just so that I can have it. But, that’s about the only time that I do.

This recipe uses both cream of mushroom and cream of celery and I still made it. What?! I know! It went against my no cream of anything soup other than at Thanksgiving rule. It was so good though. You all should seriously give this No Peek Chicken and Rice dish a chance.


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Chicken Soup with Couscous

Fall and Winter really is soup season. A nice, warm bowl of soup is so comforting and so easy to make. Other than chopping all the veggies, soups are more of a dump and wait kinda meal.

This I like.

Do you?

I sure hope so because a couple months back I made several new soups and now I’m ready to share. Today’s recipe is Chicken Soup with Couscous.


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Ham, Potato & Corn Chowder

Hello! Hola! Bonjour!

Do you remember when you were in school and you had to write a paper for English class? You have writer’s block and don’t know how to begin. You just stare at the empty page or screen for what seemed like hours on end.

Think also of when you talk something up to your friends and then are afraid that you’re going to let them all down because it’s not as GRAND as you led them to believe?

That’s how I feel with this first blog post.

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