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4th of July

What do you think of when you think of 4th of July? I think of fireworks of course! But I also think of sun, pool/lake, friends, family, food, lots and lots of food and drinks (probably a lot of those as well). The first 5 things won’t affect you in the point department but the last 2 most certainly can.

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Motivation Day 3

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This is a good one for today. Yesterday’s work out was a big one. Strength training days always are. I told myself that I would take it easy Monday. But that doesn’t mean by not working out. So maybe today’s session won’t be the best session at the gym. That’s ok. I’ll still be going. Going is better than not going.

Take an easy day if you have to. But still go. You’ll thank yourself after. =)

WW Week 17 Recap

This week was a huge improvement over last week. If you all remember last week I had my first true gain. Yes, I gained 1 lb. Though it wasn’t a lot, it was in the opposite direction of which I’m going. Not good.

But not entirely bad either.

Sometimes you need a “negative” to help push you in the right direction or to help motivate you to make a change.

This week I lost 2.8 lbs. That means that 1 lb I gained last week is gone as well as 1.8 of his little friends! lol This brings my total loss to 28 lbs. Each week that I see that number grow is a huge motivator for me. It really is.

My last big hurdle, in a way the only one I have had thus far, was getting past my birthday. We don’t need to go back there again but needless to say it was a difficult birthday for me this year…for multiple reasons. BUT I made it through it and with flying colors if I do say so myself.

I feel as if my next hurdle will be to lose 30 pounds. Although I suppose it isn’t much of a hurdle. I’ll do it. I feel confident in this. I will have to do little more than I am already doing in order to do it.

Therefore it isn’t much of a struggle.

Therefore no hurdle.

But mentally it will be just slightly. Maybe. More of a “Yes! I did it!” or “Take that!”. I have said this several times I know but last year I lost 29 lbs before falling off he wagon and gaining everything back. In some ways I need to prove to myself that I will make it past that point, not fall off, but instead stay strong and reach my goal.

Hence the hurdle.

I won’t be at next Sunday’s meeting because I will be running in a race at the same time of the meeting. I have decided that evening classes aren’t the best for me. So my next meeting will be in 2 Saturday’s. That’s almost 2 weeks. I will surely lose 2 lbs in that amount of time. Especially with training for next weekend’s race.

I believe in this very much! So much so that it puts a smile on my face. =)

One of the ladies is this morning’s meeting made goal today. GOAL! Each time there is a celebration everyone claps. We are always happy to help congratulate others. But this time everyone gave her a standing ovation. This was a first for me. Our group, as I’m sure many others are, is very supportive. But to see everyone do this filled me with joy.

We all recognize the struggle of gaining weight, losing weight and maintaining the balance. To see someone work hard and to accomplish their goal, the same goal that we are all working toward and then to see everyone recognize and congratulate her on all that she has done. It makes me want it that much more. =)

Motivation Day 2

I loved seeing my blog show up in my email! It was quite interesting to see how others see my blog posts when they subscribe to follow me via email.

The motivation worked too because I made it to the gym today and had a really good work out. I need to add to my distance as a whole but I’m running more and more. Meaning I am running more than I am walking. This helps my time too. Woohoo!

Today’s motivation:

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Today is weight day. This also means that it will be a long day. I always do a 5-10 minute cardio warm up before hitting the weights. Weights takes 30 minutes. After I will run at least a mile but really I should try for 2 miles.

Told ya it will be a long day. But I will feel so good after. So good! So no excuses today. Gotta get in there and give it my all. I’ll make Monday a lighter day. 😉

WW Week 14 Recap

I did it! I finally made it to the gym. How many times have I posted on here that I should go, that I will go or that I hope to go to the gym? A lot!

What the hell was stopping me? Absolutely nothing but myself. So I got out of my own way and I just did it. =)

In fact I killed it this week. Between last Sunday and today I went to the gym every day except for Wednesday and Thursday. Go me!

I walked 30 minutes (mile and a half) each day over my lunch too. I’m telling you I killed it.

My points were on point too. Maybe a little too much actually. My healthy point range is 27-37. Most days this week I was at 25. Awesome? Or too low? I don’t know.

Let’s recap, last week I said that I was going to eat healthy and I did (well iffy, still not sure if my points were too low?), drink more water (yes, yes I did) and try to get in the gym (which I did). I had a very successful week. Was it enough for me to get my 25# charm?

I would love to say that it was. But it wasn’t. =(

Should have figured. I’ve had a pattern in my weight loss. Higher one week and lower the next alternating each week thus far. First my highs were closer to 3 lbs a week. Now they are closer to 2 lbs. My lows have maintained 1 lb or less.

This is what happened this week. My weigh in this morning showed me down exactly 1 lb. I needed to lose 1.8 lbs in order to get my 25# charm. 1 pound is not 1.8 pounds. Therefore no charm.

I’m not going to lie I was sad and disappointed. But I am sure to get my charm next week. I can’t imagine that I won’t.

Getting Back On The Horse

Last month my fitness game was on point. I wanted to kick it up a notch and I did. I completed my 30 in 30 challenge, I was averaging going to the gym 5 days a week, I was working on my strength training. I was killing it!

Then July started.

And I fell off the wagon.

Big time.


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