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Moment of Weakness

I meant to post this Monday but time got away from me. Correction, I completely forgot. Sorry!

However, I want to make sure to post it now because I feel it’s important. I had a moment of weakness Sunday night. Earlier in the day I had gone to a late lunch with my sister. She introduced me to this cute little cafe in Weston where they make their own cheese and ice cream. We shared a delicious turkey sandwich and of course had some ice cream.

I only ordered one scoop and didn’t even eat all of it. A serving of ice cream is typically 1/2 a cup. Far different from what I used to eat, which would sometimes be close to 2 cups not counting the mix-ins. It’s a wonder sometimes I didn’t get bigger than what I did. lol But the scoop they served me Sunday looked closer to a cup. So I took my spoon and divided it in two and only ate the one half. My sister then took the rest home for her family to finish. Go me!

So where is the moment of weakness? I shared the sandwich. I only ate half the ice cream. Sounds like I made some smart decisions.

You’re right. I did.

But later that night, around 9:30, I was playing with Mr. Trixie and I started craving ice cream. I still had 3/4 of a pint of Halo Top in the freezer. Now I had already had ice cream earlier in the day. It was after 9 and close to bed time. I didn’t need any more ice cream.

I told myself I needed a distraction and not to get any ice cream. Literally as soon as I thought this, I stood up, walked straight to the freezer and grabbed the Halo Top. I then ate all of it. Yes, I did.

Moment of weakness. A big one.

I remember thinking as I ate it that even though Halo Top is lower in points than most other ice cream it has actually proven to be bad for me. I therefore should eat all of it and be done with it.

“All or Nothing”

I think this was the topic of my first or second meeting with Weight Watchers. We either eat it all because we think we’ve already messed up so might as well go all the way or, just like I did, we tell ourselves to eat it all so that it isn’t around to temp us anymore.

Or we don’t touch it at all because the temptation to eat all of it is that strong. If we walk away and don’t have that first bite we are ok.

There is no middle ground.

This was the case with me Sunday night. In fact this is the case with me probably 4 times now when it comes to Halo Top. I have eaten the entire pint 4 different times now. I love ice cream. There was a point where I was having ice cream 3-ish times a week. And I have eaten half a gallon in 2 sittings before. True story.

So it happens. What you do after is what matters most. I am personally going to take a break from buying Halo Top. I’m not telling myself that I can never have it again. But I’ve had 6 pints since learning of it and I’m not sure it’s even been a month yet. Not good.

I also need to work on my distraction skills and fighting the crave. My impulse control was very weak and I was not able to resist the urge. I gave in way to easily.

Having said that, I’m still here. It’s not like it’s harmed me and I’m scarred for life. I just need to be a little stronger next time. I can have ice cream when I make smart choices. I just don’t need to have it twice in the same day.

WW Week 12 Recap

This week felt a little off for me. As I’ve been losing weight I have enjoyed feeling smaller. I think I’ve said on here that sometimes I even feel skinny! What? Yes!

It’s a good feeling even if it’s not accurate.

But this week I was back to feeling fat. I hated it. I think I was mainly bloated and I’m not quite sure why. I don’t think any of the foods I’ve been eating would cause me to be bloated. Then again, bloating doesn’t always come from the food we eat.

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WW Week 11 Recap

Yes! I’m officially down 20+ lbs! 20.6 to be exact. =)

Tracking every thing you eat every single day really does help. I know that it can be a pain to some people. But it is so easy to not look something up or to not record something that you ate and before you know it you are way over your daily points. Fortunately there are the weekly points to fall back on. But things add up so fast.

I think I have mentioned this on here before but just in case… My group leader passes out “perky pencil” stickers to anyone who tracks to the best of their ability at least 5 days a week. I look forward to getting my “perky pencil” every Sunday. I put it right next to that day’s weigh-in information along with any Bravo stickers I might get for that week.

I have received one each week that I have been a part of Weight Watchers. It means a lot to me. It shows me that I’m following the program and I’m seeing the results. So far I haven’t really had a week where I gained weight. I think this is because I do track. But I have heard of others that go up and down. It would be interesting to see if the good weeks were weeks you tracked and maybe the weeks you didn’t always track were the ones where you didn’t lose.

Don’t think I will test my theory though. lol

Tracking takes dedication. It really does. But it doesn’t take that long. Not when you get used to it. And it can even be fun. I love scanning items at the grocery store or looking up foods from restaurants. Sure it might mean it takes me longer to decide what to eat, or to track what is on my plate but shouldn’t we pay better attention to what we are putting in our body anyway?

Plus it works!

One area I can really improve on is working out. I hardly ever do. Oh did you just hear that? I do NOT work out. Know what that means? I have lost my 20+ lbs entirely because I have changed my eating habits.

That doesn’t mean that working out isn’t also important though. I really should make it a part of my weekly, if not daily, routine. I have mentioned at least a couple times on here that I will get back in the gym. It hasn’t happened yet.

Motivation. Or lack of it.

I feel so good when I work out. I really do. But starting back up is always so difficult. I try to tell myself this week I’m going to go. Today I’m going to go. But I don’t. I just go home, sit on the couch, mess around online and watch Netflix.

The last couple of days I have gotten a couple I have earned some fitness points though. Saturday I went bike riding for the first time in 2 1/2 years  and yesterday I tried yoga for the first time. Both of them were unusual for me but both were still forms of exercise. In fact I think I got 4 fitness points for each day. Not bad.

It really is an awesome feeling to be where I am. 20+ lbs gone! I love it!

I’m not done though. Not even half way. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. Maybe add in a little exercise here and there and I’ll get there.

Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms

I made these for dinner last night and they were sooo good!


Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms!

Who would have thought to turn mushrooms in to enchiladas?? I wish I could say me. But unfortunately I found this recipe on Pinterest. You can find the original recipe here.


Aww…I love Pinterest!

Who doesn’t though?!

I can get lost on Pinterest for hours. Can’t you??

But I digress…so these mushrooms are fantastic. Not only do they taste good they are super easy and fast to make. The mushrooms themselves only take 10 minutes to bake in the oven. You can prepare them while the oven is preheating. They come together that fast.


The recipe makes 4 mushrooms in total. I decided to only cook 2 at a time though. I wasn’t sure how they would hold up since I would only eat 1 a day. They might be just fine but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Start with cleaning out your mushroom caps. Use a small spoon to scrape out the gills and cut off the stem.

I sprayed my mushrooms with Pam and seasoned with salt and pepper the first time. But skipped the Pam the second time. There wasn’t much of a difference. If any.

In a small bowl add corn, black beans and enchilada sauce. I doubled the corn and black beans in my recipe. 1/2 cup each just didn’t seem like enough to me.


Sweet Peas suggested to add a a tablespoon of flour to the enchilada sauce so that it doesn’t get runny. I followed her suggestion and didn’t have any issues. =)


Season with salt and pepper then mix together.

Oh and make sure to measure your sauce with a wet measuring cup rather than a dry. I measured first in the dry and then poured in the wet. See how much I would have been cheating myself had I used the dry?


Divide evenly between the mushrooms.


Top each with shredded cheese. I think I’ve mastered the tablespoon of cheese. One pinch of cheese measures out to be one tablespoon. At least for me. I’m sure everyone’s pinches are different. I use 2 tablespoons for each mushroom.

Bake in the oven at 450 degrees for 10 minutes. That’s all. The oven is at a high temperature and really you just need to warm everything through and melt the cheese. It doesn’t take long at all.


This can be your main dish. The mushroom is nice and hearty. I was going to add chicken in mine for some extra protein but decided against. I ate in on the side instead and added a salad.


The mushroom comes in at 6 points. Add the chicken and salad w/ 1 Tbsp of Green Goddess dressing and this whole plate is only 10 points! Wow!


Here’s the recipe.

Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms

  • Servings: 4
  • Time: 20 minutes
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6 points for each mushroom



  • 4 portabella mushroom caps
  • 1 cup black beans, rinsed
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • 1 cup red enchilada sauce
  • 1 Tbsp flour
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheese
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Clean your mushroom caps including scraping out the gills and removing the stem. Place up on a baking sheet.
  3. Salt and pepper inside the mushroom cap. Use a little EVOO or spray with Pam if you want to. I cooked mine with and without and didn’t notice a difference.
  4. Mix together black beans, corn, enchilada sauce, flour, salt and pepper.
  5. Evenly distribute between mushroom caps.
  6. Top with 2 Tbsp shredded cheese each.
  7. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.
  8. Eat!

I hope that you all enjoy these. Don’t forget to share your pictures!

WW Week 9 Recap

This morning I was able to join my usual Sunday morning group. It felt good to be back around people I’m familiar with. I also have a new appreciation for our group leader. After having gone to a couple other meetings with other leaders, I really enjoy the discussions that our group has. She tries to get us to think, to share and will help us to speak up when the group is quiet.

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