This Is Not Over by Holly Brown

The first book review of the year! Yay!

For each book that I read this year, I will do my best to review it for you. I’ll give you the Overview as shown on B&N’s website as well as my personal thoughts and a score.

Scoring will be a number between 1 and 5.

5 – Amazing! I loved this book!!

4 – It was good. Not my favorite, but I enjoyed it.

3 – This book was so-so.

2 – I didn’t care for this, but did finish it.

1 – I couldn’t get in to this book at all and didn’t even finish it.

For the first book of 2019, this is a book that I should have finished a month ago. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I did finish it a couple days ago. Yay! I am so glad to be done so that I can FINALLY move on to another one.

This Is Not Over: A Novel

I started This Is Not Over by Holly Brown the beginning of December, I think. It may have been the last part of November. I’m not entirely sure. It took a little while for me to get in to the book. This is not necessarily abnormal. Until you are invested in characters or the plot, the first part of a new book can be slower. I pushed on though.

There were times that I wanted to see what would happen next. What would be said next is more accurate because, until the end, there really wasn’t much action. There were other times where I couldn’t wait for the book to be finished. I remember just before Christmas, I had less than a 100 pages remaining. It was listed on my To Do list many times – finish reading book! Even with long holiday weekends, I couldn’t make myself pick it up and read those last few pages.

I didn’t much care for the two main characters. It was hard to be on either side. Without giving too much away, each lady thought she was in the right, neither stopped to think of the other side and neither could let it go. It was all so silly.

Here is the overview as listed on B&N’s website.

You’ll have your deposit within seven business days, just like it says on I’ve put through a refund to your credit card for the full amount, minus $200 to replace the stained sheets…


When 30-year-old Dawn reads Miranda’s email, she sees red. People have always told Dawn she’s beautiful, and she just hopes they don’t see beneath—to how she grew up, to what she’s always tried to outrun. She revels in her getaways with her perfect (maybe too perfect) husband, the occasional long weekend in luxurious homes, temporarily inhabiting other people’s privileged lives. Miranda’s email strikes a nerve, with its lying intimation that Dawn is so dirty you need to throw out her sheets.

Beware of your “host”

I wouldn’t have left a review at all, if I didn’t feel it was my civic duty to warn others…

57-year-old Miranda thought she’d seen it all, but she can’t believe her eyes when she reads Dawn’s review. She’s a doctor’s wife but she needs that rental money, desperately. People might think her life is privileged, but they don’t know what’s really going on. They don’t know about her son. She won’t take this threat to her livelihood—to her very life—lying down.

Two very different women with this in common: Each harbors her own secret, her own reason why she can’t just let this go. Neither can yield, not before they’ve dredged up all that’s hidden, even if it has the power to shatter all they’ve built.

This is not over.

This is so not over.

Ironically, the title of the book is exactly how I felt while reading it.

You can judge for yourself but I’m rating this book a 2.

My next book will be The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. I’m seriously hoping this one is better. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “This Is Not Over by Holly Brown

  1. I trust your judgement…. however, must admit the B&N review tweaked my interest and would make one think this would be an exciting read. But also must confess that it is agony to try and finish something that you are just not into. Thanks for saving me the time and energy.

    • I apologize for taking so long to respond. I seem to not be receiving notifications right now. Something I will look in to. The overview piqued my interest too! Maybe it was poor timing, but the book just didn’t do much for me. I checked out other reviews and I was not alone in my opinion. However, there were also several who thought the book was brilliant. Each to their own I guess…

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